The Golden Coast Live Shrimp House is dedicated in providing the customers with savory live shrimp cuisines with a fine selection of fresh shrimps and ingredients prepared in an open kitchen. Freshest live shrimps are delivered to the Golden Coast Live Shrimp House everyday by exclusive logistic delivery service and graded before placing them in an oxygenated culture pond equipped with spa to guarantee that each shrimp served is of the freshest quality. Despite the complex process, the Golden Coast Live Shrimp House aims to provide its customers with fresh and tasty live shrimp cuisines!
  The omnivorous Tai Shrimp, or “Macrobrachium rosenbergii, was originally found in the rivers and waters of Thailand, Malaysia, India, tropical and subtropical areas with ideal water temperature for shrimp growth between 25 ~ 30C. Known for its firm and tender texture, Tai Shrimps are ideal ingredients for live shrimp cuisines. Introduced from Thailand in 1970, Taiwan’s current Tai Shrimp aquaculture farms are primarily located in Tainan, Pingtung and Kaohsiung.


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