In addition to serving as the provider of delicious cuisines, Golden Coast Live Shrimp House is also dedicated in building a relaxed and comfortable dining environment. Whether for business dinner, family dinner, romantic dinner or get-togethers, the Golden Coast Live Shrimp House is your best choice.
Our Restaurant was built using a large quantity of bamboos to create a reminiscence atmosphere by merging the nature with man. Vast open garden space with pond and path depict an image in the likeness of an utopia. In addition, our Restaurant is also equipped with a thoughtful Children’s Playroom in addition to an open kitchen to provide you with an comfortable and enjoyable dining experience.
After getting off from a busy day’s work, why not come to the Golden Coast Live Shrimp House for delicious eats as well as relax your body, soul and spirit with the restaurant’s LOHAS atmosphere.



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